The 3rd Indonesian Dragonfly Jamboree

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Dragonfly Enthusiast, academics, wildlife photographer, and conservationist was gathered in the Third Indonesian Dragonfly Jamboree. This event was held on 26-28th July 2019 at Kemiren, Banyuwangi East Java. At first, It was started by a Conference in Tujuh Belas Agustus University with three main topics (Dragonfly role in Banyuwangi Ethnics, Dragonfly and Agriculture, Dragonfly and Environmental Change). A new dragonfly book “Untring” was launched at the end of the conference. After the conference, all participants moved to Kemiren. Welcomed by Mr. Iwan the owner of Genjah Arum and after that, we went to the guest house. In the evening we were discussed about Indonesia Dragonfly Data by Nanang Kamaludin (IDS), Local Name Of Dragonfly Frendi Irawan (IDS) and CITES by Pungki Lupiyaningdyah (LIPI). Several dragonfly enthusiasts presented dragonfly diversity from they research location, such as Jambi, Aceh and Maluku.

On the second day, all were prepared early in the morning for Dragonfly Race at Kalongan Waterfall. This location has a clear stream, pond, and trees at the riverside. All members were interested to meet rare species such as Amphiaeschna ampla, Pseudagrion pilidorsum, Idionyx montana, and Zygonyx ida.

The race ended at noon and continue for the dragonfly quiz. In the end, the jamboree was closed by an announcement of the race and a perform from Pagi Tadi Band.

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